original work by David Worthington

There’s something about Spring that excites me even if the day is gray.  Lots of new on the horizon.  

Self-portrait with fake fruits
An Indiana cowboy in Queens
This is a silly after-work-instead-of-a-nap self-portrait that I took on Thursday.
Will post a self-portrait soon.  This is from the setup.  

Last night I got another urge to make a weird video.  A group of images popped into my head, and I knew I had to string them together.

Music is “Mask Maker” by Liars from their new album Mess.

Follow my new project if you haven’t yet.  
So, I’ve been obsessively working on something for the past month or so.  I think I now have enough images to officially launch a second Tumblr to showcase this new series.  I have called it, simply, Arts Work With People.  
Every day I will post 1-5 new photos, and I have intentions to keep it going for a while.  So…please follow it!  I’m really excited about it.
Here: Art Works With People
Phil @ New Museum
Something New is coming soon.  
Witch Beanie Babe