Go here to see a whole bunch of Phoot Camp photos.


Well, I could never have imagined how much foreshadowing was going into this group shot from Phoot Camp when I submitted my application photo. As an unstated rule, my mystical tendencies are all but non-existent so I am still unsure what to make of everything but there certainly was a force outside myself controlling this outcome. Integratron related, consciousness infiltration?

Eternal gratefulness abounds to each and every CAMPER who have become the lights of my life, fires in my belly, and spirits of my soul. I wish I could see your face as it explores the amazing photos this talented bunch has produced, prepare to fall deep into a rabbit hole of kick-buttness. Their work has proven once again a testament to the importance of this historical moment in the evolution of photographic collectivity as we know it. You really gotta hand it to our founder and fairy godmother, Laura Brunow Miner, for her supernatural ability in creating an environment of inspirational bliss and human engagement.

We couldn’t have done it without the generous help from Squarespace whose contribution placed us in the protective womb that is the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. Also, Vanessa Gonzalez who created our fantastic wardrobe, PIX rentals for the equipment, NATIVE shoes for protecting our feet and Gloss Post Production for putting the finishing touches of magic that brought this image to another world. Lastly, this boat wouldn’t a floated without the tireless admin efforts from Matthew Mahon, Garrett Cornelison, Chad Nicholson and Kathryn Tomajan, you are all the bees knees. Breathe…

Still so honored and excited to be a part of this magical bunch.  Wild and wonderful work, Ryan!

One of the many things Phoot Camp taught me: keep on shooting.  I hope you don’t mind that I’m posting a lot at the moment.  

Two men at Coney Island Pier

Summer is dead; Fall, be kind.  

(This is the happiest scarecrow ever, and he was so game for photos.)

Dan Busta at Noah Purifoy Outdoor Art Museum 

From my cover shoot for Wonder Wheel Ladies Digest.

India and Karina at the Coney Island beach

Was getting a little silly with my Speedlite, and this happened, and I kind of dig it.

My love, Karina, visited.

India joined a girl gang.