Brad Torchia at Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum

Carla Richmond at Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum

Jason Travis

Henry Busby at Ski Inn, a bar in Bombay Beach

Josh Wool by the Salton Sea

Here is my buddy portrait for Phoot Camp.  I was so fortunate to be paired with Beto Ruiz Alonso; he’s 24/7 caring, brightly lit from within, and hungry for color.  He became an instant role model for me, and I wanted to honor him with a strange portrait that captured his guru vibe.  

I decided to bring a white table out into the desert, which he sat in front of.  This required some more post-process than I’m accustomed to, and I’m no expert yet, but I’m still happy with the resulting portrait.  Thanks to Kristina Yamamoto for teaching me a few Photoshop skills; she’s a genius.  Also thanks to Mathew Mahon for letting me borrow his flash and helping me light the shot.  

Marije Kuiper

Henry Busby

Beto Ruiz Alonso

(first night of Phoot Camp)

Amanda in Palm Springs